Hi! Luiz from Brazil.

Greetings! I am Luiz. A brazilian Airsofter, that is living in Szczecin now.
I play airsoft for over 4 years now but, dont play it since decenber. I came to poland, for a volunteer project and founda Job.
Now, I am planing to start my Airsofting here. As I know that here, you are verry active.
How should i proceed to get to know your rules and operators?

Hi there, nice to meet you. Actually you already did a lot to introduce yourself, but ad some more informations about yourself:

  • Age,
  • Replica,
  • Uniform,
  • Airsoft Team (if you join one),
  • Avatar,
  • Photo so we could recognize you in real life… although you will probably be that one guy who speaks english :slight_smile:

And if you have any questions - feel free to ask. Welcome aboard.

Hi :smiley:
(Kolega jest ode mnie, pomagam mu ze sprzętem w pl, przy sobie nic nie ma :/… )

Ksywa: Vieira
imię: Luiz Vieira Pinto Neto
Wiek: 24
Mundur: nie mam tutaj
Replika: nie mam tutaj (nie teraz, czekaj)
Airsoft Team: DTA - Destacamento Tático de Airsoft (from Mato Grosso, Brazil) Tatic Detachment of Airsoft

I would like to know your rules. Engadgment rules, safety rules, emergency rules. I imagine that some of them must differ from what I know. And, I would like to visit a match, to get to know the operators.

Thanks for the wellcome! :smiley:


  1. You need red rag to call your hits.
    2.In some places we have CQB limit - 350fps
    3.You need something to protect your eyes. We haven’t got any more savety requirements.
    4.You should buy two team markers - black-yellow patches

I hope I didn’t forget about anything and my english is enough good to understand me :mrgreen: .

  1. Red rag to call my hits = done
  2. Noted the FPS limitation about CQB
  3. Protection = done.
  4. What kind of patches are those? Just tissue or a sticker patch?

Thanks! Ucze sie polskiego. Bardzo trudny jenzyka!!!

:slight_smile: Hi Luiz. Nice to meet you

Hola amingo!
About team markers:

  1. You can be marked on meetings with duck tape held by one of our administarators. It costs 1 PLN per meeting, and it’s expensive in the long run (for the costs of few mettings you can buy patches for your uniform)
  2. You can borrow them on site from other player who is not in marked team
  3. You can order them online but it’ll be better if you ask Soczek to do it for you
  4. And finally you can send message to player named wayne on our forum. 2 weeks ago he got team markers for sale, maybe he still have some
    Hope you’ll enjoy your stay!

In our group you will learn very fast polish language, for example "kurwa , dostalem " is very important my friend :smiley:

And also “Pij, nie pierdol”, these two are probably the most important in our community :slight_smile:

Hahaha thaaanks! Acknowledge! :smiley:

Hello :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hi and welcome to our forum :slight_smile:

If you need any help, just ask on forum - our society will answer you as much as you need :slight_smile:

Hey hey! HEllo! THanks! :smiley:

I will be present in this weekend game!

Hello man nice to meet you, hope you will have a lot of fun playing with us, if you need help just ask :slight_smile:

Hey :smiley: