Hello everybody :)

Jestem baptiste petitpas, właśnie Francja, mieszkam w Szczecinie (Sorry this is the limit of my polish), I used to play ASG in France, and I would like to continue in Poland.
I am really excited to join every games on weekends, I used to be Bodyguard and private military so I love tactical operations and realistic simulations,
My Equipement is (for now):

Electric M4 rifle (spartan)
P99 co2 (walther)
uniform: is now civilian with green and dark color (will buy entire forest camouflage after the 10th of august),
Integral protection glasses (I took the best, because we only got 2 eyes xD)

I am ready to join the Battlefield this weekend, give me a place and hours, I will be there ready :wink:.
If there is any team which is looking for a defender, tree climber, ambusher, assassin (yes I am sneaky :smiley:), I will be glad to join you, I am nonly speaking english (and french + spanish) for now but I am on a polish courses for 2 weeks already and I promess that my polish is gonna be good in few months :wink:.

Hi there.

Czesc ! Fast answer :smiley:

Tacti-fast :stuck_out_tongue:

How can find the informations about when and where the games are organized ?

Well, it’s all in polish, so you gonna be confused at first.
Every sunday there is a survey. We meet at place with most of votes.

Seem “Krzekowo” gonna win this time:

Usually it starts at 10 am and lasts few hours.

Perfect, i live near this place, Krzekowo it is :slight_smile: Just a little issue, I don’t have my camouflage uniform for now, like I said in my presentation, I will buy it after the 10t of august.

So this weekend, it will only depends on my shooting skills because I will be spotted by everybody in “civilian gear”, even if i will try some “war painting on my face, arms, legs” xD

It will be on saturday, sunday or both ?

Sunday only.
Usually special events are organized on Saturdays. This weekend also (http://panzerfaust.pl/).

Nice ! I will join on Sunday for sure, I will check this Panzerfraust event at home (I am at work and the website is blocked :confused: ) , I also understood that for sunday I will have to bring a little bit of cash for “team stickers” (not a problem), I have voted for this Krzekowo 2 :wink: is there a phone number to join the organizator of sundays games ? In case I will get lost xD.

Mobile - nope.
Get gps coordinates, or Google Maps route.
Edit about panzerfaust - next weekend, not this one.

Alright, I will use my GPS and be there at 9.30 am for sure :wink:


hello and welcome :slight_smile:

Hey ! thank you :slight_smile:

If a team is ready to accept me, don’t hesitate to notice me :wink:

Temporary teams are created every sunday morning.
If you wish to join one of groups, at least three of them are recruiting atm.
Just pick one and apply.
Good luck!



hello guys, I am sorry I missed the ASG game the last sunday (personal issues) I will check the Panzerfraust and ask some informations about this event soon, you are all welcome to give me as many information as possible right now :slight_smile:

And if someone can tell me where I can apply for a ASG team ? (I mean to write me the name of the title in polish, I will try to manage from that)