Hello, I'm Mheid

Ksywa: Mheid
Imię: Ma’in
Wiek: 35
Ekipa: Looking :slight_smile:
Replika: SA-E12, (and maybe something else soon).
Zainteresowania, coś o sobie: I’ve been playing for a few months but in CQB setup, looking forward to learn and explore. I’m always willing to learn, and to be a team player. And I often get into weird situation as I don’t speak Polish and very new to the city and Forest matches, so thanks for your help and patience.


HI Mheid, hope you will get fun in our community :wink:

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Hello, nice to meet you :slight_smile:

If you have any questions or want us to translate something - you can let us know on the chat - someone will surely help. During matches people will probably also happily translate for you.

There is always some confusion during matches, probably 30% of the team (including me) doesnt know where is the flag etc. so you are not the only one :smiley:

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Welcome buddy :smile:

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Hey! Welcome

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Thank you… looking forward to it!

Thank you… I have lots of questions especially the first time playing in the forest I got lost for a little bit :sweat_smile:

But in general if you have any tips for a beginner who exclusively played CQB, shoot them my way please!

And hope to see you in the field soon :slight_smile:

Thanks yodaz!

Thanks buddy!!

Thanks Butla!

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Some rules / recommendations:

  • always wear (certified) eyepro (I recommend having a secondary eyepro - if main one fogs up / needs to be cleaned)
  • replica needs to be in field limits, I would recommend having 400fps+ as in forest the distances are a lot longer. Its also a lot harder to hit someone (tree branches and stuff). Good to have a pistol (MED distances etc)
  • take dead mans rag out when dead (yellow vest). Also wear it on spawn (this is a point that a lot of people don’t do - I think its critical - sometimes enemy team shoots people at spawn because they dont know they are standing in spawn)
  • this one is mandatory: Have fun :slight_smile:
  • in general get familiar with the rules - if any questions / translation needed - just ask
  • wear a hat or something (higher limits than CQB, close shots can sometimes happen - they can hurt) - I also wear a facemask, a few people lost a tooth already.
  • remember to have some water
  • if you are hit - yell - HIT (in here people yell HIT or “Dostałem” (which means I’m hit))
  • if there is a bystander (some random people in the forest) - people will yell “civilian / cywil” - and if you hear that: the game is paused - you cannot move etc. You need to also yell “cywil” - even if you are hiding somewhere - the point is that its a public place and we really dont want to cause any harm to random people


If ending on the opposite side of the city is a little bit, I don’t think I want to know whats your definition of I’m completely lost :smiley: you’ve got a unique name, where are you from?

Oh I first went to Dobra as it had a red mark on the map, but then figured out that the event’s name is the area name ( I thought it was a game mode!).

But I also got lost in the forest as I started mid-game and didn’t know where the respawn was :slight_smile:

And I’m from Jordan.

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Thank you!

For communication as we cover a larger distance in a forest, will radio comm be the main way the team communicates? and if so, any specific things to consider if I need to get a radio unit.

Also I found out the obvious limitation of my CQB replica range, so I’m going to start using another one with better range soon… is it legal / acceptable to go and try it out / zero the scope in the game areas from the map in another day that is not a game day? (I’m not sure if prior permissions are needed and don’t want to be arrested or get shot for real :dizzy_face:

Again… thanks a lot! I appreciate the help and taking the time to answer my questions!

Radio is optional - usually people use baofeng uv5r (or similiar).

Basically its usually (at the start of the game) - someone will ask who has a radio and then people from the team will negotiate which channel to use.

Anyway its a good idea to eg. save the spawn point on GPS or something - so you wont get lost :smiley:

It is legal to go to the game area and shoot. Just dont shoot at people :slight_smile: The game area is usually just a public place (with a few exceptions). We dont have any special permissions there. Thats why we try to keep colaterral damage to a minimun (including also of course leaving trash etc).

Afaik most of the areas are just places deep inside the forest to avoid regular people as much as possible.

you can also just be there before 10:00 and zero your sight etc. This is what people usually do.
You can in general just shoot from the parking lot (just not in the direction of people / cars - people might not wear glasses yet)

I always thought that being spotted with something that is a replica of a firearm can get you in weird and maybe dangerous situations. But thanks, I’ll try to go sometime, zero the scope and get a better feel of the new toy.

In general you shouldnt take it out in public as it might scare someone (use a gun bag / fishing rod bag / guitar case / whatever - just hide the gun).

But anyway AFAIK - according to Polish law - its basically a toy (if under 17j), in theory you can just play with it whenever you want (but you would get a lot of hate from the airsoft community as we are trying not to gain unncessary bad attention).