Name: Francesco
Nickname/Callsign: Don
Team: A.S.D. Shinkitai Softair Taranto
Nationality: Italian
Currently living in: Borzyslawiec.

I have played airsoft for about 13 years, although lately because of work I haven’t played as much as I would like.
Since I’ll be here in Poland for a while, I’ll try to get back in the flow of the sport.
I consider myself passionate, but mostly a casual player, and I am not that demanding. I like being a team-player, because I’ve seen that when everyone does their part, it’s much more fun and immersive.
See you on the fields!

Hey, welcome to the community!
Enjoy your stay and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to hit any of us.

Hi Don, hope you’ll have great time playing with us! :slight_smile: